Saturday, 29 September 2012

troubles not single... Do not read, if you already feel down!

So, I went to work this morning. As usual.
First in, so I get to do the alarm.
Unlock door, beep beep beep, cross floor to turn off alarm, hey, why is there a frame on the floor- little toads in yesterday, must have been messing- funny we didn't spot that. Alarm off, turn round-   two rows of frames have either gone or been displaced. Another is on the floor. Oh %$&*?#! We have been burgled. Or whatever. About 18 frames have gone., and another one is on the floor. The only mercy is there is no broken glass this time. The sods have used a different method for getting their sticky paws on my stock. Grrrr.

Police. Number. 999- no, it is hardly an emergency now, they are gone. So Standard police number. Phone book. No not, 'Business pages' Standard phone book. Where? No not the one for the next area, our one please. Hiding behind some others. Found. So telephone. Lift receiver. dialling tone ? Noooo. Just a beeeeeeeep. Ok, I admit, I am not good about mobiles. I have one. I think Noah had it first though. He used it to talk to the giraffes, on the ark. And it usually has no charge. And is usually in the kitchen at home. Where it is no help at work. But, today, for once, I had my mobile with me. It had charge, and credit! so I phoned DH while looking for the phone book. Found the book, found the number and called police.

So, then, my first three clients of the day failed to appear. 2 hours and 15 minutes wasted. But that enabled me to actually speak to the charming police officer who came. And it enabled me to walk up to the print shop and collect a new receipt book. And to speak to the scene of crime officer who came very promptly today.

On the plus side they caught the thief who took my last stolen frame. (Yes that is right, just the one. ) He goes to court soon, and they reckon he will do community service. Sounds about right. 

And we now have to do a stock check, to see exactly what has been taken. More work. And will it even be worth claiming on the insurance? Probably not.

On the plus side they caught the thief who took my last stolen frame. He goes to court soon, and they reckon he will do community service. Sounds about right.  

Okay, that is one.  Then there is this.

I rather like it, and I will use it. But someone I hoped would also like it is, very politely, and rather reading between the lines, not keen.

So I have a few other ideas, and will consider them.
Perhaps a simple square patched background with a bird silhouette, in a startling colour, like hot pink, on turquoisey blocks.
 But this may be too derivative.

Or perhaps  a set of birds in prints randomly appliqued onto a plain background. Or backgrounds, and pieced together. I am consulting my DD2, and see whether she thinks these work.
I must have a harder think, I really want her to love what I do, Really really love it, not just think- well that is ok.

I want to do something she would not do for herself, but that she will get a lovely shiver from, when she looks at it.

And then I have just heard, my 94 year old spring chicken of an aunt has fallen and broken her hip. She is a very active lady, but she will be in hospital for a while, and I have no window of opportunity to go visit, until the end of November at the earliest.

So I hope all is going rather better for you.
I am trying to control the feeling of mild panic that has swept over me. I only have four tops to make by the end of this week, including sizing one up from a 32" bust to a 42" bust. I have just cut the collars, and will sew them tonight, and plan to do the rest tomorrow.... Any helpers available at no notice?
No, I thought not.


Amys Crafty Shenanigans said...

Oh dear. I feel for you and am sending happy thoughts. Fingers crossed the burglar gets more than community service. Hope your auntie gets better soon :)

Reene@Nellie's Niceties said...

Oh dear, you're really not having a good time of it! Hope things soon settle for you :)
Your block looks lovely!

Pieces to Love said...

What a pain to have to inventory everything, again...I absolutely LOVE your compass block and the colors are just beautiful. Now the 32" bust to a 42" bust, does that person think you are a miracle worker? Hello????

Sarah said...

Crikey - sounds like you need to sit down with cup of tea after that kind of day. Hope things gets sorted and easier.

cheeky monkey said...

Oh did not you tell me half an hour ago to relax and think about myself! My dear that is the best advice you can give yourself too.
A robber, a broken hip and lots of work to do! you need a break otherwise you cut your hand as I did!

Enjoy the weekend and take a deep breath!

Isisjem said...

Oh dear what a rubbish day you've had :-( I hope things get brighter for you by tomorrow. Your New York Beauty piecing is amazing! I'd gladly help you with the tops if I was closer -but with limited dress making skills I might be the kind of help you don't need ;-)

Kelly said...

Oh you have had a crap day!!! Here's hoping tomorrow is better for you x

Fabraholic said...

Oh this sucks! Can't those creeps let you alone??
Sorry about your aunt. She doesn't live anywhere near I gather? Please take good care of her, these broken hips are very bad news at her age.
Your compass block is lovely, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Second Chance Tan said...

oh what a rotten time you have been having, I am so sorry about the burglary, I know how awful it feels, and also all the sorting out afterwards reporting things etc. Sorry to hear about that. Please don't get too worried, or waste too much time about MS2. I remember I got so upset about commnents I had from my partner in the first round, and I let it take over a bit. This time I have a silent partner, so they are just getting what ever I make them!!! But, as the lucky lucky recipient of your wonderful pouch last time, I just know your tote will be beautiful and your partner will love it. Do not buy any more fabric to try and please someone else - only buy new fabric if it pleases you!! Big hugs xx

Diane-crewe said...

hope things look up for you soon x sending BIG e-hug xx

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