Monday, 15 April 2013

Apron news

  At the end of last week, I achieved a little sewing. The weekend was slightly busy, so nothing there, but these happened Thursday and Friday

I think this is not the most exciting apron in the world, but it seemed to fit what my partner said she wanted. There is a triple pocket, and a good long pair of strings, so it should tie round the front if desired.

I feel I should have been a bit more inventive, but I hope she will like it!

Then I made another block for the round the world quilt. This is an extra block, for one I had already made, because they seem to have vanished off the face of the earth, and the 'owner' really needs to have some more started to get things moving again.

I could not just make the same again, as I had run out of some fabrics, but this should work, and if the rest all turn up again, it will be a good addition- bonus block.

I have joined another little swap- I have never made a fabric basket, though DD2 has, but the swap arose, and I got tempted. Not finished this one yet, and already signed up for the next! There are sign ups until Friday- so if you fancy a fabric basket swap, have a look here, and sign in!

And then May is hosting a text fabric charm swap, there are a few spots left- so jump in there too if you want, I am sure she will be glad to see you!


Anonymous said...

Its a lovely apron. I especially like the colours you've chosen. And that little block is great too :-)

Di said...

You finished it! It is very nice. Di x

Collette said...

the apron is fab and v inventive love it!

Collette said...

the apron is fab and v inventive love it!

Collette said...

the apron is fab and v inventive love it!

JoZart said...

That apron is quite retro and I LOVE it! Also love your round the world block too!
Jo x

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