Sunday, 21 April 2013

Update on Robins

Yes, I have seen Mr or Mrs Robin hopping out of the greenhouse! so I am trusting all will be well.

Now all we have to do, is NOT TELL GENNY!

They would not easily recover from a visit from her!


Diane-crewe said...

fingers crossed ... you seem to have been forgiven xx

Janine said...

I'm glad your robins are back. I always think robins are the friendliest of the small wild birds :) We found a pigeon nest with two babies when we were cutting down some leylandii and we had to relocate them in a hedge and, amazingly, their parents came back - I've somewhat regetted that ever since lol!

Isisjem said...

Birds can be quite resilient - I'm glad your robin family are ok. Years ago the neighbours were having an extension built and during the works disturbed a blue tits nest. The builders ended up putting on the top of the scaffolding and the birds fledged from there. Of course these days with all the red kites around here they'd have just seen that as snack time!

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