Tuesday, 2 April 2013

monday stitching

 Our  Round the world bee seems to have hit a little hiatus, I have received no blocks to progress since before Christmas. However, I do know the order of the blocks, and some of them can be made without reference to the blocks already done.

Anita asked for a 'neighbourhood block' some building or scene that would represent where we are, and that she can assemble all the different blocks to make a unified quilt, from all our neighbourhoods.

In January I took a couple of photographs at work, in the snow. So when I was trying to choose what to make for her, this image came to mind- after much sifting of thoughts, and comparing of many images - possibly four images?

I like the drama of the trees, and the building just to the right of that further tree has an interesting roof. So that became the inspiration for this block.

Yes, I know, the block is nothing like the photo, but it still came out of that image!

And I like the cold and snowy feel of it, and Anita likes it too, so that is another one done!

what is next? an aqua grey and yellow block, and then a pinwheel or star. Just do not expect too quick action!

On another note, my crafty DD2 made the most delicious Easter eggs.
 She blew the eggs, I find that a very tricky operation, but she did it very quickly and neatly.

Eggs were well washed, and then dyed with food colouring. They came out amazing jewel colours- I think vinegar was involved?

She then filled the eggs, with a sort of truffle mixture. Very delicious, and she left these two behind, and I am the greedy one who is eating both! well, I have eaten one, and have the other in my sights for tomorrow!

I promise, very nice indeed!


Isisjem said...

Love the block! You've really captured a wintery feel. Great trick with the eggs!

Sarah said...

Your block is great with the wintery scene executed perfectly. Those eggs looks amazing but very difficult to do.

Nicky said...

Think that's called poetic licence!

Barb and Sharon said...

Those eggs look tasty! Your block is lovely, I love the snow on the trees.

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