Saturday, 20 April 2013

Criminal activity

I confess all. It was me. And I am really sorry, I did not mean to do it, but cannot take it back. Sorry.

Well, it was a lovely day. And I have almost been all round the back garden, so the greenhouse really needed some attention. It did! I had just thrown stuff in there, and left it, and it all needed washing and tidying and a right good sort out.

Did you ever get one of those upside down tomato planters? Well, I was given one. And it sort of worked. After a fashion. Two Years Ago.
So that was thrown in with the rest. And, having a throwy outy fit, I thought,I would just throw it out.

And then I found out what I had done. In that tomato planter someone very small has built a nest. And laid eggs. Tiny weeny eggs. All safe and secure in that forgotten corner of the greenhouse. Ouch.

So, I have tried to put it back where I found it. I have stopped clearing the greenhouse, and I will hope that Mr and Mrs Robin ( I think it is the Robins, but it may be the Wrens) will come back and not be too upset.

So, There, I have confessed. And I will keep a sideways eye on things and let you know if anything sensible happens, or if it is the disaster I am expecting.

 And as you may know- or not-  I have joined a basket swap. Well, I wanted an excuse to make one, and someone nameless put me on to it, so I did. And thought a trial run was in order. So, offcuts from other stuff, and a basket appears.

Quite small, but a fun size to make, and I hope it will be usable.

Only small problem, was getting an accidental pleat in the bottom.

This is how it ought to look.

So a little seam ripping later, and I managed to ease it out OK!

But that is all the sewing here lately! Garden has had its attention!

What a shame, I cannot offer this alternative accommodation to Mr and Mrs Robin... But I think they prefer to choose their own.


Diane-crewe said...

WELLL they say confession is good for the soul... so hopefully the prospective parents will forgive you xx Liking your basket xx

cheeky monkey said...

This is a lovely little bag. I think the size is perfect. Just big enough for a project.

I really like the hearty fabric! It is gorgeous.

Catherine said...

My sewing suffered today too, as I was also out gardening.
Love the basket, great colours. Really hope the nesters come back

Di said...

Glad that you rescued the eggs. I like the colours you did your basket in. Di x

Barb and Sharon said...

Yikes! I did that to baby robins trying to take their pictures. They ran away, I put them back (wearing gloves) but I lost one.. :(

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Cleaning and throwing out is therapeutic, until the wrong thing gets thrown out. Love the fabric in the little basket!!!

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