Wednesday, 31 July 2013

End of July..

This hosta sneakily came out while we were away, Ready to welcome us home, I suppose, 
 And this bright hemerocallis, a bit rain spattered, but we missed the first bloom. Good strong cheery colour, this one.
Yellow courgettes. These do not waste much energy in sprawling all over before producing those courgettes! Yeas, they are thick in there, and the bees love those bright flowers!

4lb picked from two plants today. Jam anyone? 

 And I made this bag, I had seen some fabric online, in Ikea, which I wanted to use for the bag- but when I got to it, the scale of the print was too big, so I got this instead. These birds feature on Gunilla, and it was so hard to choose which birds to put where on the bag!

The one I had pre chosen, that wouldn't have worked was Evalotta. I loved the colours, but I would not have had a whole bird on it!

A little more on the retreat goodies..

 These from the strip swap...

 goodies from the  goodie bag...

 why do I want the drawing pins?? I am sure it will come to me..

 Purchases from the quilt market- well there was a discount voucher for Oakshott, so how could I not?
And some FQs from Fluffy sheep, and some really cute hedgehogs, given by my dear friend, and equally cute elephants ...

There were a few other bits and bobs, but this is really it..

And I finally managed a couple more triangles for the stash bee. A bit brighter, I think.All packed up and ready for the mail.

 And they have been posted... Phew.


Isisjem said...

ooooh you got some yummy aurifil and love those hedgehogs too. Bag looks great but then I like anything with birdies on it.

Second Chance Tan said...

Nice goodies here...... loving the bright yellow courgettes. The orange fabric with the birds on it brilliant for that bag x

C said...

I think you will find that the hedgies are really for your elder daughter, prickly hedgehog that she is.

Sew Thrifty Fi said...

Love the hosta

Fabraholic said...

Oh no C; the hedgies are for Rachel :-)

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