Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hen party!

A friend of mine is getting married in just under two weeks time.. So she had a hen party. I have never been to a hen party before, but I was invited to this one! So, I went. 

She arranged a florist to come and give a demonstration, and for all of us to do an arrangement, 
We were presented with a small dish complete with a block of oasis, pre-soaked. Rolls of floral tape were out and each of us had a knife and a pair of scissors, and Sarah, the florist, brought round the various sprays of flowers and leaves we were to use.

Sarah showed us how to put little pieces of eucalyptus into the foam to make a little base for the table posy, covering the base of the dish, so it could not be seen, and then adding the flowers according to her formula.

Sarah brought along a choice of peach or slightly off white roses, lisianthus in three colour ways, and 
 pink peonies, which were in different stages of open, from small buds through to almost full blown. She also brought some hypericum berries to add in. 

I added the peony leaves to my arrangement, I never could quite follow a brief.. 

The lisianthus is really pretty, we had white, white with a pink border, and deep pink ones.

so here is the result.. 

I am not convinced by the hypericum... But then, I do not have to be!

After that we went to a teppenyaki restaurant which is in Stockton Heath, in the south of Warrington, where a chef treated us to a display of cooking and we all ate the resultant food. He juggled with kitchen implements, and later with eggs, including catching an egg in his hat.. 

He also provided an extemporaneous accompaniment to us singing 'Happy Wedding to you'. Then he did the cooking bit, and we did the eating bit! Most delicious. I used the chopsticks provided, this means I eat slowly..  Some of the others also tried them, but mostly used the forks which were also there. 

So that was my evening. 

And latest new flowers blooming in my garden? 

 pretty peachy poppies...
and a pretty aquilegia.. lots of the others are over, but this one is blooming on!

I have been busy sewing today, but it is a secret project, so I can only give you a hint for now... 

This is for a special occasion, so after that, I shall share more... 


Diane-crewe said...

sounds a lot more fun than a trawl around the pubs .. which is my excuse for NOT going!... and your flowers look great .. did you get to bring them home? Not seen those colour poppies before .. I have red and the occasional purple xx

Catherine said...

That sounds like a perfect hen party to me!

the running hare said...

Sounds very civilised compared to some of the hen parties I have witnessed from afar! ( I've never actually been on one)

Archie the wonder dog said...

The hen party sounds a lot better than a pub crawl and then a truly dreadful nightclub!! Mam has those red aquilegias in her garden and hers are also going strong - wonder if it's because they flowered at least three weeks later than all the other varieties in her garden?

Indianna said...

Sounds like fun...I've never been to a hen party either!

Katrina said...

Lovely stuff! :-)

Janine said...

The hen party sounds great. I love your flower arrangement and I wish I could have seen that chef juggling :)

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