Sunday, 29 June 2014

and that first bag...

Was for a wedding. That wedding happened yesterday.

The bride to be sent an email out to her friends, she had been hunting for the perfect handbag for the occasion, one which would go perfectly with the dress, but would be big enough for all her 'security items' to fit into- spare specs, mobile, hankies, this, that, the other thing...- and soft, so it wouldn't catch on anything else..
She had looked on line and off, and just was not seeing exactly what she was after. so, would we all have a look, and see if we had something to lend her.

But my brain works the other way! If I haven't got what I want, and cannot see it out there, let me work out more precisely what I want, and I shall make it!

So, the offer was made. And we went on an urgent shopping spree, to Abakhan. They had a lovely polyester slub fabric in just the right colour, and upstairs we found a really pretty braid to match.. The right colour thread was purchased, in case I hadn't got it- I hadn't, so that was sensible- and £14 later- because there were one or two other bits crept into her basket, (which were nothing to do with me!)- we were on our way home. I already had all the other bits I thought I needed, or would get them somewhere else.

A few days later

the bag appeared.

A little bit of fabric manipulation to add interest, removeable strap, ( thank you to, I think, Hadley, who told me what 'swivel clips' are called, a few years ago) and the recipient is delighted.

A few more photos for you...
 It is always good to have a few pockets..
 and we wanted it to fit the mobile phone she is planning to get..
 just playing with which way it will work best...

 I top-stitched the zip on the inside only, so the lining will not catch, but you see no stitches from the outside.

She does not know how honoured she is... I hand stitched that binding on the flap.. I hate hand stitching... but I think it looks OK..

And the dress? you may find it here

We also played with some stick on diamante letters... and decided against them..

so, this was the bag I sent a picture of, to my Saturday lass, and her bag is 'out of the same stable', but completely different. 

Happy bags!


cheeky monkey said...

What a lucky bride! It really looks perfect

mumasu said...

Wow Rachel, that is a wedding bag. Absolutely fantastic.

Janine said...

This is a gorgeous bag. You've done a great job :)

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