Thursday, 5 June 2014

Who likes applique?

Well, I suspect, I do! Otherwise why would I have done so much of it? Mmmmmm.....

Anyway, hot on the heels of May it is June... yes, I know, happens like that most years...but I am queen bee for another group, so I needed a brand new idea to go with.
After sifting all sorts of ideas, I realised, I want something this group can really put their own twist on, so that a flavour of themselves comes through. if I ask for drunkards path blocks, that might happen.. but it might give them heart failure as well! Similarly, Cathedral windows ran through my thoughts... But I think the individuality would be lost... and all sorts of other ideas were played with and discarded, as not giving them a chance to show themselves.

I love the blocks which show the quirks, so I need a quirky block.

My DD2 has blocks coming from Around the World, these are flower blocks, on neutral backgrounds... Some of these are stunning, so, can I steal her idea?

YES! She is happy with that.

All these
are flowers I have done in the past...

and this one is the example I ran up for the group..
So, I thought quite hard, and had a mini brainwave... well, I thought so anyway.
We are allowed to ask for up to two 12.5" unfinished blocks.But 24 blocks all uniformly 12.5" is a bit.... staid? How about getting some blocks 12.5" and some 6.5" and perhaps even some 12.5" by 6.5"? Then I can crazy pave them, and get something a bit more exciting?? Are you with me?

So, A lovely, almost black, but just about blue, solid came from Justine, and my dear friend had a talk with me about restricted pallettes, and a selection of turquoisey blue, orange and yellow fabrics have been sorted out, with a few greens for leaves, and sent off in various directions. I have not sent all three colours to anyone, though, so I shall wait and see what they all come up with this time! I am really excited by this one.

What is exciting in your life? I have baby wrens and baby tits and baby goldfinches in my garden! How about you? Oh and a this years model robin! Can it get better?


Diane-crewe said...

ooh! looks fun x will be interesting to see what comes in xx

Sarah said...

Cannot wait to see what blocks are returned. I am away this weekend but hoping inspiration will strike so I can make a start when I come home.

Catherine said...

I need to get my thinking hat on for these blocks!

Janine said...

What a lovely collection of applique! It's all beautiful. We have some woodpeckers and I love seeing the swallows in the summer. My parents have two albino sparrows, which is very interesting. And apparently they get along with others just fine which is nice to hear :)

cheeky monkey said...

Great choice! I love the idea to mix the sizes all up and have them arranged irregularly. I am really excited how it will look like

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