Saturday, 7 January 2012

block 22, again

No, it has not gone well. Having printed out umpteen copies in different sizes, and cut them out and checked them, I realised that on none of the sets do the seam lines actually match in length. This is comparing the sewing line with it's corresponding sewing line. If they do not match you are in trouble. I know the cut edge will not match, but the sewing line should. However. I thought, better brains than mine have designed this, I better go for it. So I tried.

See how uneven and woggly the whole thing is? This is not a good look for a block. So I took it apart and 'wangled' it. It looks a lot better, but it is not right.

 So, I think what I need to do, is to draw out the block full size, and cut it up to make templates, which at least will have seam lines that match, and try again. Start over,and see how that works out.

That little square in the middle? It is not a square. The sides should be part of the curve, continuing on from the sectors, to make a smooth arc.
don't hold your breath while I have another go...

And I have had 'help' this last few days.
This rather large size help. I do not expect these fellows to be still lurking in January. Sorry, it is a blurry picture, I think he was camera shy. But he has made me jump a few times lately. I am not exactly scared of him, I just would rather not see too much of him, if you know what I mean.(Spider picture removed.)

And Genny takes not the least notice of him. I think she prefers not to see him. It is far too menial for her attention. She is too busy being beautiful. And looking after the throw from the back of the sofa.


Pam said...

To a non quilter, that looks complicated. Good luck!!

Diane-crewe said...

I dont envy you that block!! I have a spider like that that come out from under the TV and waves its legs at us!! Sam does his best but is just TOO slow to catch it!! I STAY AWAY!! xx

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