Friday, 6 January 2012

block 22- curves

Leila has posted the next block. This one has curves. It is a pretty block, but printing out the template has been a bit of a nightmare. First of all, I printed the version as it stood. It was clearly going to be too small. So I printed it again, but increased the size, to 125%. This is going to be too big. I am getting a three bears scenario here. I am having to wing it here. I tried 110%. Now measuring the seam allowances, they are 1/4" as near as damn it, (pardon the language here)so I am hoping they will be right.
We haven't been given a dimension for the central square, so checking the size of that will not help, though I am hoping that will be 1 ". 10 sheets of paper later, perhaps I will choose my fabrics tomorrow. If I can get this one to work I will be very pleased.

And, with curved seams, as I know from dressmaking- fitting collars onto necklines, the seamline has to match. And I am not convinced that my seam lines are the same length on the corresponding templates. So this could be a total mess this time.I await the result. I suppose as a one off block it will not matter if it comes out a tad large, as I can trim it. If I was using a lot of them together it would be more important, as the circle effect would be lost if they are trimmed to size, rather than being right.


Diane-crewe said...

good luck!!

Pieces to Love said...

Add the single 'cheater basting' line to your fabric to remove later to prevent any stretching and if need be you can tighten it a bit to 'ease' that pesky little 1/8" in to your seam.

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