Friday, 13 January 2012

little things

I knew I was going to visit the lovely Lucy, and that I was landing on her on the day before her birthday. Well it is a trepidatious thing, to invite a strange woman to your home, when, although you have chatted a bit on the blog, and exchanged the odd email, you really might land a very queer fish. So I could not go empty handed.
Now I am quite greedy. And I like cake. And I like baking. So what better than early birthday cake. Then I can get some too? So cake happened.

  And, when you are having birthdays as a 'grown up' - no, I plan not to grow up, not if I can avoid it- less fuss is made than when you are a littley. So I thought a small amount of fuss was in order. And I know she likes tangeriney colours, and a bit of soft turquoise blue goes well, so I thought a couple of fat quarters would find a kind home. But, that is too easy. I needed to put a little bit of me into it as well. So I had some bits and bobs, and a little star was born. Backing and very light quilting followed, with cheats binding,

If I had been braver, I might have put gold in the bobbin, but I didn't think of it, and wouldn't be that brave anyway!


And, I confess, I like making dolly clothes. And I knew there was a little girl somewhere around, So the same pattern as my DD2 used, and a little outfit came together.

All sewing done Sunday evening, as I wouldn't have time later, with work! So imagine my surprise, come Monday, when I saw what Cindy had been doing. Coincidences happen. It is a fun block to do though.

I like the instant gratification of little things like these.


Janine said...

I love this star. I'd invite you to visit at my birthday too but if, you're near Lucy, you're too far away from me! I also like your bag in the post above btw but I haven't commented there because I've got three pay it forward gifts to make already and I think I'd better make those before joining in another one.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

You are so thoughtful!! I can't believe you MADE that outfit?!! I totally thought it was bought. It's adorable and I love all the details, tiny buttons, ruffle sleeves. You are very talented!! Thank you so much :)
Oh I might have the car next Wednesday if you want to go fabric shopping? x

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