Tuesday, 17 January 2012

drunkards ahoy, and resolution

It is week 23, and the curves continue. Leila has chosen a 'drunkards path' block this week, and given very clear instructions on creating it. I followed her tutorial, with variation to suit myself, but also used some tips I read elsewhere.
Once the pieces were cut out, I starched them before sewing. I lined them up, pretty much as Leila described, but only used three pins. One in the middle, and one at either end. Sorry, no photos of this- I left the card for the camera at work, and will retrieve it tomorrow, I hope. I also took the flat bed off the machine, so I only have the free arm. I then put the pinned piece in, with the segment uppermost, but held the whole thing curving upward, so that the edge matches under the nedle, but not being too uptight about matching further from the needle. Slowish sewing and checking both layers are running smoothly, and a good result is obtained with very little stress. This time at least.
Originally I thought I would cut some background pieces, and then one each of two other fabrics, segment and cut-out, but when I looked at the resulting options, I was not keen. So I ended up cutting two more fabrics, and more background, and using four fabrics plus background. I did two different layouts, to see how I like them when done.
I can really see a whole quilt in these.  I like the 'path' up the middle, it is quirky in its own right, without being too outlandish, and very little effort required. Some of the options when you have more than four squares to arrange look really interesting. Another one for the list. And I think I have to do another one, with smaller tessellations, to get a different pattern going too.
All good stuff, eh?

On another note, there is a little give-away going on, where you blog abouit sewing resolutions, and get a chance to enter. Well, it is all part of the fun. I am not good at resolutions, life tends to get in the way.

So, I resolve to do more sewing because I am inspired, and less because someone else wants me to!
I resolve to practise FMQ more.
I resolve to use the fabrics I buy for the project I bought them for, and not lose them in another project. And I resolve to tidy the sewing things on a more regular basis, and get the notions organised better.

Will that do?

I have sewing stuff in four different rooms in the house- nothing in the bathroom(?) and also on the landing. I think my husband will go potty if it spreads any further...

And I have changed my mosaic for the mouthy group, I finally found out how to borrow other folks pictures to include so this is the next version. I was surprised, as I have found very different off erings from a lot of other participants, but then, it is to find what pleases us and makes for a variety that we do it, I hope?
Look at some of these, I have chosen them, based on shape, colour, design, and fun. I am looking forward to exploring the partner to whom I will be assigned, to see what sort of stuff they like, and hopefully making something they enjoy. Awful if I get it very wrong, but fingers crossed, the swap mammas are partnering us well.

Oh, and you see the hole in the bottom left corner? there should be a pretty patchwork bag in there, but it failed to appear in the mix.

It has been a tiring few days, and tomorrow is my day off, so I am hoping for a little sewing, and some family time. What do you do with your day off? Do you have a day off? If not what would you want to do with one?

I always have too many things to do, to actually accomplish all of them. So I tend to do something that will improve the housework list, and try to do something just for fun.


Janine said...

Thanks for sharing the way you sewed your curve. I'm very nervous about sewing circles but that sounds do-able!

Diane-crewe said...

I try and do as little housework as possible on my time off...(do bit every day! still has to be done but feels less overwhelming!) I try and spend time sewing and with family/friends xx

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Your blocks look great! I love drunkard's path :)
I used this method:


I totally hate pinning!!
Enjoy your day off :)

JoZart said...

Thanks for leaving your comment and it was lovely speaking to you today at Black Sheep Wools. I can't keep away from that place!
I enjoyed a browse through your posts and you've some great stuff there that you've made. I'll add my name as a follower and hope we can keep in touch!
Best Wishes

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