Saturday, 28 January 2012


Ok, I thought I should have a bit of a play, using fabric I am not intending to use for the pouch swap. As I was looking through, (my stash gets worse, not better) I found bits left over from another project. So they came into play. I reckoned small squares would materialise quite easily from the bits, and I now have a mosaic of blue and green. I didn't get it quite right and two of the same pattern have ended up adjacent, but it is not too bad for a first attempt at tiny mosaic. No, I didn't use the interfacing method, though that would probably have looked better in the end.
I also wanted to play a bit more with my elephant idea- no mammoths just yet, but you never know- and first drew a rough sketch of what was in my head,
and then played with it mentally, decided the baby elephant should look at mamma, and started to use the old faithful, Bondaweb, and got a first result.  I then have been playing with different backgrounds, to see how I feel about them. I know it is a very busy design, and not at all my usual style, but , oh, it is such fun!

Do look at these, and see what you think, 

The first one clashes amazingly, and in a loud sort of way I could quite go for that   
this second one is a 'safe' option. This third one is a very busy background again, but I kind of like it.

I feel elephants growing on me! Someone has suggested a polka dot background, so I shall try that too. So many options...

I am guilty again. I was just getting some bits and bobs, and spotted this. now if I didn't get it when I saw it, it was not going to sit there very long, now was it? There was less than two metres left. So, I am afraid, it just had to come home with me. I have not the least idea what I shall do with it, but it is now awaiting inspiration, with a lot of other bits also in the same state. Impulse buys should not happen. I am trying to declutter not increase the chaos. But I smile when I look at it. That says something, doesn't it? Yes, mad as a hatter.


Pat said...

Love the elephants! I like number 1 & 3 the best, never really was into "safe".

Diane-crewe said...

dont you find the more you try NOT to put the same fabrics together ...the more they GET together !!

Cayt said...

Go with option one. That orange looks fanTAStic.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the elephants!!!

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