Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I am  a little late with this one, but on Monday the postman came! He left two rather delicious little parcels for me.One I was expecting, the other, no, I hadn't really expected, but what a treat!
First this pretty envelope came through the door, and was sitting on the table when I got home, just waiting for me. 

 And inside, a pretty card, and that amazing sewing machine fabric. This is much prettier in real life than it looked on Debbe's blog, I am, however, going to have serious problems justifying cutting into it! You know there are some fabrics which just scream 'I am too lovely for your projects', This may be one of them. I already have a plan to use some of it, but I am not convinced it will let me! Perhaps if I take a sneaky section from it, it won't notice too much? Debbe also sent me another FQ, that pretty deep pink stripe you can see behind her hand made card, I did absolutely nothing to deserve these treats, but they do give a lovely warm glow!

The other little postal treasure that appeared, was from the 'Round the world' swap. There are some beautiful things going on and I was sent a signature block, by Ursi. Now, there are signature blocks, and there is an Ursi block.  Just go and have a look. The actual block is continuing on its trip around the world, but she sent the signature straight to me!
Ursi has a tiny little blog, stufffed with beautiful accurate blocks. I look forward to the next things she makes!

This handsome fellow must be part of Ursi's household, I think, I haven't shared this picture with Genny. She might not think him as handsome as I do!
And here is the elegant block she sent me, as a signature.

I am also awaiting a couple of other parcels, so, maybe, in the next week or so?  We shall see!


JoZart said...

How lucky you've been Zizi! Great name BTW and you'll be in on both names for the candy.
love joZarty x

Catherine said...

what a fabulous siggy block - and some great packages that you got there

Pieces to Love said...

I'm glad you are enjoying looking at your fabric. You could make you a tote bag with big squares of it so you don't have to cut it too much.

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