Wednesday, 1 August 2012

the stash bee tutorial for August.

First let me say, I fell in love with this block, when Leila used it for her skill builder. It is a paper pieced block, but you could probably do it using the freezer paper pieced method, if you wish.
Faith, from Fresh Lemons,   ( you will find instructions and templates there!)  has kindly permitted me to use her block, but I have a couple of 'wrinkles' that I would like to suggest.

Please, I want you to make all four bits of the block,but not to sew them together! There are so many variations on a theme with this block, I want to play with them, and decide which ones I want which way round!

So you are still making one 12.5" unfinished block, but you really are not finishing it, but sending me the quarters! Is that ok? I do hope so.

and please, can you make strip 5 the same fabric in each!

Here are some inspiration pictures,  Sorry, I couldn't get the attributions to copy and make sense, these are all borrowed from the flickr group,  We can do it! Skill builder sampler, except number 6, which is Faiths very beautiful block.

A couple of other things to be aware of, If I print the template at 100%, and measure the 1" line, it is a tad too small, so I need to print it at 105%, to get the size right. But I will use the slightly small one for colour working, and also cut it up, and use it to make sure my fabric pieces are the right size to go on!

So, having got that out of the way, here goes!
First, I have been looking at my stash colours,


turquoisey blues

Enjoy playing with your colours!

So, I have printed all my templates, and I now write on them, which fabrics I want where, so that the combinations work when I finish. These may be the same on all four templates, or you can alternate some of them, or even use different ones in each, just, please, make your number 5 the same in all four!

I have a few tips for doing foundation paper piecing, which are probably well known to all of you, but may help someone do a little less unpicking!

 I like to write onto the paper, the colours I am using in each section, when faced with piles of bits, which start organised and then chaosify themselves, it can help!
 a spare copy, cut into the sections can help me ensure I have enough fabric in each piece. Balance points may also help, if you are a little more organised than I am!
 All my pieces cut out and in neat little heaps with their number on.
 And then put onto the paper foundations, so I know which is what- I still got one wrong, but hey!
so, this is the rough layout for this one

laid on its paper

 and then put in its own little 'order pile'
 I then fold each paper along all the folds,

And pin the first piece on the back

 I fold the paper along the seam line to align piece 2 , pin it and then check,

that I have a seam allowance worth at least around each side, by folding back each in turn

 so, here I haven't quite enoughand need to move the fabric, repin, and recheck.

 All better now!

having sewn it, I open out and check coverage before ironing!

Now is the time to unpick if I must!

then, trim the seam allowance to 1/4" as per usual.

 And add thenext, as you would expect.

  And then, I starch it hard, and press it like crazy, and trim to the square

 Repeat for the other three.

 I can now play with the layouts, to make the block.

and you can see which one I got wrong! I can either make that a 'feature' or make another one. 

Many thanks to my lovely hive, for doing these blocks!


Sarah said...

These blocks will make a great quilt - look forward to seeing how you decide to position the quarters!

Kelly said...

Cool block!

Suzanne said...

Excited to try this one! And we can use any colors we choose? So long as number five is consistent?

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