Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fresh sewing day

I have had a lovely day off. My lovely friend was across from her home the other side of the country, and chose to come and have a sewing day here.
Unfortunately I have no photos of what we made, but we were busy bees. I started by showing her how to make miniature windmills, to put on cards, like these.

Then I reminded her of the trick to make these pincushions.

 and showed her how to make easy quarter square triangle blocks. And we put together some hearts for ornamental display. Very easy with the fabric she had brought along. So we had a lot of fun, and lunch, and tea, and cake. and we played with some 12 weight Sulky thread, and I had a lovely day! Never mind how her day went! mine was great...

And now I want to join Lily's Fresh sewing day, I can no longer join her small blog meet, 'cos my friends are now over 50!
So here we go, it is the recap for July!

I have done at least this lot in July! I have yet to find out what August will bring!


Kelly said...

That block in the middle of the mosaic is amazing!

Catherine said...

You have had a very busy July! Great projects

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