Friday, 17 August 2012

Hey Mr Postman!

 I have received two blocks through the post, one yesterday, one today. They have both been put together beautifully, and I am already playing with them a little!
This top one is from Helen, who seems to have a non- active blog. I wonder if she is blogging elsewhere? She has done a lovely calm block with that pop of red.

Tara has done this busy block, again she just really cared about the way she put it together.

And this was my starter.

And the postman also brought a wee gift into the house. Sarah has put together a zakka style ( must try to get that book) pencil case for each of the Hipbee members, and enclosed a wee bee zip pull/ phone charm, for us.
The bees have flowered bottoms, so sweet. I only managed fuzzy pictures of them, somehow, but isnt that bee bum cute! The idea was really kind and it makes me feel really 'included in', if you know what I mean.
these bees were made by a very crafty and talented young lady, who sells her craft work on etsy. Her shop is called Poppy's Pocket. She sells really lovely fancy topped pins, tea sets, cakes, matroshkas, and all sorts.  Great fun things, from a very capable lass.

I think the postman was very good to me this week!


Cayt said...

I's all lovely!


Blimey I can't get consistent at the moment with my blogging. On the plus side I finally made myself something to wear with my new sewing machine, it is not perfect but I am immensely proud ;) the only problem is that in taking a picture it made me realise how big I am at the moment so I won't post anything.............still it has hedgehogs all over it maybe I'll take a photo of it with me not in it............ Nice blocks and the case is lovely :)

helenjanei said...

Haha no, I simply have a non active blog! Can't seem to fit in blogging with work and sewing, one day maybe!... Glad you like, going to be a truely scrappy quilt!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the flowery-bottomed bee! Love the blocks!
P.S. I also love Ginger the giraffe!

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