Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Postman knocking!

Oh it has been exciting!
I have been containing myself with difficulty, waiting for some post to arrive.

Let us go back in time a little. No, a little further than that! And a little further- no stop! not quite that far!

I have a set of cousins in Australia. Scattered about, but over there. About as far away from me as they could get! Then introduce Skype! And two Sundays ago, I was chatting to my eldest Coz, for about an hour.
Now, in 1999 he visited this country, to see his Mum. And we visited whilst he was there. When I was small I would have followed him like a little dog, given half the chance. My lovely, soft big Coz! well, he is still big, and still soppy and soft! And lovely. Just older! He had a video camera, with autofocus and zoom and all sorts. And he took videos on that visit! Chatting on Skype, he remembered.

So, he edited them, and sent me a copy, which arrived today.
Have you watched a video, 13 years later, having never seen it before?
I can tell you, I didn't recognise my own children! My 19 year old back to 6 years old! My 22 year old, is now 9! and my son is only 11, with his voice starting to change. I never noticed at the time, but on the video, it is obvious. And do I still sound like that? I don't know, but I don't think I sound like that to me!

happy post!

But that was not all! As you know, I have been participating in the Frame Purse Swap. A lot of folk had already received their purses, Certainly, my purse had arrived safe and sound, at it's destination. And today, the purse for me arrived!

A big box!
 But well filled! I thought the brief was a SMALL something to go in the purse!
 But somehow some extra fabric has found it's own way into the box!
 Did you see these cute birdie buttons?
 And a fat puffy pincushion is inside- no room for anything else, with that fattipuff....
 Gorgeous back as well,

 Oh there was room for a little something else!

But where did all those goodies come from?

who could tell?

What wonderful fairy sent these?

I think there is a slight clue on the card!

Now amn't I the lucky one!

Thank you Rhonda, you are a star!

1 comment:

Cayt said...

You have been so lucky! They're lovely and the frame purse is very you. You had a great partner I think!

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