Sunday, 19 August 2012


 Well, I have done quite a lot of sewing today. But some of it is secret, so I am not showing you! No, May, do not get excited! You, too, will need to wait!

So, as I am not showing what I have been sewing, I thought I would bring my DD1 up to date a little with the garden.
So, these are, at least in part, for you little one!

Your Dad chopped the leylandii hedge, between us and the neighbours, to the same level on our side as it was on theirs. Difference is, they do it annually, we do it as and when we get around to it! 

  So I came home to this, hedge choppings on the grass- well, I can hardly call it clippings, or lawn can I?     

And a lot more light in our garden!
 And here is Gabrielle!

Shh! dont say it out loud, but ? no wilt?? for the first time! just quietly look at her sideways, in case she notices....


Fabraholic said...

I'm waiting and waiting...Did I mention I'm waiting? :-)

Cayt said...

Lovely! Gabrielle looks fantastic!

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