Friday, 21 June 2013

Do you do bloglovin?

Curiously enough, several people are already using bloglovin to follow me! I really am thick about these things, but I suspect, it is a next TO DO thing.

So here goes!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

While I am posting- Tote number two for FQR has  been finished. Somehow I managed to make the back too big- so I had to make another back. So I now have a spare tote back lurking!
The new one looks like this,

and the tote front? 

so, the two so far...

One more to go!

And I know my tote has arrived at it's destination, and get a small idea that it is appreciated by the recipient! Thank you for making sure I know!

I sent a couple of bits with the tote,
just ribbons and stuff, but with a bit of luck, they will come in useful! Favourite colours were lime green and purple, so it makes a very cheery combination. I love purple too, and fell in love with the combination, I may use it again sometime!

Happy tote!

and, as I know my name tag arrived safely, I can show the name!


cheeky monkey said...

You are going to FQR? Oh I am so jealous!
Purple and green work well together

Di said...

Very nice Mrs. I like the green/purple combo too. Di x

Sarah said...

You have been a busy stitcher! All looking great.

Caroline said...

LOL, just wanted you to know I am truly appreciative :) the ribbon has already come in handy and I love my pincushion.

Janine said...

Looking great! And I follow you with bloglovin' already!

Jodi B. said...

The totes are fantastic. I love the quilted leaves and stems for the flowers.

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