Thursday, 27 June 2013

Swap tote arrived!

 Oh look what I was lucky enough to receive!
This lovely parcel arrived from a wonderful swap partner, Liverpool feminist you can link to her flickr stream,  I do not think she has a blog, so I cannot direct you there, but isn't she a star!

Opening the envelope, I am greeted by some texty prints! What have I just received, about a week ago? texty charms!  and then I get a texty tote! how amazing is that!
 I now think, I have not taken the right photos!
I have an interior pocket, on a creamy lining,

then the texty squares run round the top edge of the tote, which is a deep navy for the body of it, and beautifully put together. Simple, sophisticated design, just perfect!

And then the goodies inside!
 A zippy pouch, with those same texty squares on the front, a cheery red zip- put in perfectly, across the front, and a navy back to it.

This zippy pouch was filled with yet more stuff!

Red and orange pezzy print, that red cross hatched print and three lots of plain colours, two sets of ribbon, and a bar of chocolate!

Now, you tell me, did I not do well out of this one?
I hope she gets as good a package as I got!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely tote and such wonderful surprises inside!

Di said...

Nice bag and goodies. Di x

Lia*s Handmades said...

Beautiful tote and great package! You're so lucky!

Catherine said...

Fabulous, isn't it great when you have a good swap

Kelleigh said...

I love it when I get a great partner! You certainly did!! Lovely bag and goodies. I hope that you can make something fun and wonderful with the fabric that she sent.

Indianna said...

Looks like you did exceptionally well.....great swap.

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