Saturday, 15 June 2013

 Someone reminded me, it is only 5 weeks until the retreat. And I have swaps to make!

Foolishly or otherwise, I have volunteered myself for totes!
I think a tote will be useful, as there may well be bits and pieces to be taken to and from the venue- they are promising a 'quilt market' in the evening of the Saturday, and if I manage to make any sneaky purchases, a tote would be a help. So, possibly, other folk may also appreciate a tote.

So, totes it is.

I have been making tote number one. Shades of yellow, with some free embroidery leaves and stems on the one side, modelled here by my long suffering son, he is good to his Mum....

and on the other side, double aster from Quilters cache, done in shades of yellow. Now, I made a mistake on this one as I started it. So it is all made in reverse, as it were. This is the laevo version- as opposed to the  dextro version. yes, I am just trying to dress it up nicely... I got it wrong, okay? and didn't want to get out the seam ripper... so that is that!

A couple of pockets, but I forgot the D ring.... I shall maybe have to forget the D ring in the others too...

One down, two to go!

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but daylight has gone, and they are not the best. Ah well. 
And for the daughters, again, some garden shots. And I will let you look too if you like!

Here is 'Penny Lane', my first rose this summer ( summer? what summer-  Oh that three days of warmth and sunshine? THAT summer!)

When the sun shines, she smells heavenly. When it is cold and damp. she smells of nothing. Come back summer, you didn't spend long enough here!
 This is the first year this clematis has really shown it's mettle, yes we have had a few flowers the past couple of years, but this year- we are showing our stuff! This one is growing up the same trellis as Penny Lane, and may intertwine with her in years to come, I hope.

 and quietly lurking is this beauty.

A rich purple specimen is just coming out, too but I will have to wait for daylight to take the next photograph.

 These poppies are doing their bit for the garden. I love their frilly edges.

see little one- the cocoa shell mulch is down!
and alliums are self propagating behind the garden geraniums here.

So the garden is progressing!

I just need a little more weeding...


heartsease54 said...

What beautiful flowers. I don't know if you have animals or not but thought I'd let you know that the cocoa mulch can be fatal to pets if eaten.

Catherine said...

Love the tote. I am making cushion covers for the swap, and they haven't been quick to make either!

Diane-crewe said...

loving the bag... who is to knw whish is the "right" way? xx

Sarah said...

Super tote! Always handy to have one, especially if you need to hide quilt market purchases! FQR is reception up on us. Look forward to seeing you there! Am really nervous but looking forward to it too!!

Indianna said...

Totes are fantastic.... Hope you get something equally good in exchange.....I'm on clasp purses, just need to find a pattern.

Lia*s Handmades said...

So beautiful, I love it, Rachel! :)

Isisjem said...

Lovely tote and I've not done my sample swap items either!

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