Sunday, 16 June 2013

making progress

At the cost of housework, other things have been getting some attention round here. Who wants to do housework anyway?

So some weeding and planting, two golden courgette plants are now planning to reduce the weeding just here.

while this Graham Thomas rose has decided to play nicely.

And this yellow flag is giving it's share of joy

 near to this allium. I love those clean stars on the heads.

and, I promised a photo of this 'multiblue' clematis, yesterday

but, just to demonstrate that there is work aplenty left, here is a fine crop of stinging nettles, which grace my front garden!

That is right- they are in the front... Nuff said.

 And the rest of the  day? Tote number two is taking shape. Slowly!

this is one side - finishing touches still to be sorted..

 The other side

and straps..

I am now sorting linings. will I be done tonight? I hope so, but am not confident.
it looks quite purple to me in the photos, butIpromise you, it is a bright blue!

I  am trying to link up to the lovely Lucy. Anyone who doesn't know Lucy- go see her! She is lovely, and great fun.She has asked that instead of a name,we put in either a favourite font, or a letter. So, I have done that!


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Wonderful garden pictures! I will ignore the nettles! The plants have obviously inspired your lovely quilting :)

JB said...

The leaf quilting is great, I really like the design.

hydeeannsews said...

If I had a garden as nice as yours, nettles and all, I probably not get much sewing done this time of year. Lovely!

Janine said...

Your gardens look great and your tote is lovely. Good luck with getting it finished :)

Diane-crewe said...

sewing and gardening are SOOO much more fun and satisfying than housework (that DIRTY word xx) and you have been much more productive than if you had spent the day behind a hoover and duster xx

Pat Merkle said...

Lovely flowers, even the nettle is pretty in it's own way. Love the quilting.

Vera said...

The tote looks interesting and you have really lovely plants in your garden.

grace said...

Beautiful photos x

yageol do it 2 said...

You have a wonderful garden. We have a Graham Thomas too. It's such a beautyful rose who are in bloom the whole summer long. :-)
But when it's so hot the best thing you can do is sewing in the cool house.
Happy sewing!

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