Monday, 10 June 2013

Oversized tote...


Ok, so it is not my usual style. But there is purple- I love purple- and it looked like it had potential. And by the time it is chopped around a little it will not be quite so... well, it will not be quite SO.
And it will make a great tote!

 When we did that super Mouthy stitches swap back... when??   I loved my tote, and I use it a lot, but I did think, perhaps just slightly larger would have been good.

So, getting involved in another swap, I just couldn't leave well enough alone, could I? Well, could you? No, I thought not!

So, I upped the size a little! Only a little. And put together a new tote.
And just when I had the front sorted, that naughty little think gremlin came along, and said in my ear, ' you could put a magnetic catch pocket just there you know. It would work really well , and almost hide.'  And who doesn't like an extra pocket on the front?

And a neat little magnetic catch pocket appeared. And went in, just like it was meant to.

 and on the inside, a patch pocket is always useful, isn't it?

The plainer purple against those hot chevrons looks Ok too, methinks!

and I need a zippy pocket too, there is always something needing to be secure...

So there is a front, yes that fabric has toned down nicely, with the purple linen, and the other pieces in there, I think it is quite pretty really! and the back, much plainer, fro the days when one doesn't wish to be so flash!

Oh but it is going travelling... I cannot keep it. Now I am sad... I love this one- even if it ended up a tad larger than intended... I sort of forgot- adding that pocket added to the length, by a little over an inch, and adding an extra inch on each side, means the bag is 4" bigger in circumference... So it is definitely an OVERSIZE tote!

next question... will my swap partner like it...Or is it too big! I shall post it and we shall see!


Di said...

You made me giggle. I always add pockets and closures. I can't help myself as they are all so useful. I think that you were hit by the same bug! Di x

Sarah said...

With you on the pockets - where else do you put small rubbish so you can reach it? Lovely adjustments to your partner's bag!

Janine said...

Your partner will love it - it looks great!

Nicky said...

Great pockets! And such variety!

Lia*s Handmades said...

It looks great, Rachel! Don't forget to link it up on my blog ;) And I'm sure your partner will love it!

Caroline said...

I have it on good authority that your secret swap partner thinks it is the BEST TOTE EVER! It is truly brilliant, the pockets are perfect and a trip to the beach is planned for the very near future. . .or so I hear, ahem. . .thank you! :)

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