Wednesday, 5 June 2013

June bees

Ok, we are now well into June. And bee blocks to be made. When do you sew best? and do you have sewing clothes that work better than others?

It seems I sew best in nightwear. Perhaps the relaxed feel is what gets me going? Do not fret, Fat Quarterly Retreat folk- I will get dressed for that!

Anyway, I was up a tad early this morning. For reasons best not discussed here. And I had blocks to do. So I did one. It went really smoothly, and was a dream to put together. About an hour after I got up, I was back to bed, and off to the land of Nod.

This block is for the lovely Lynz , who wanted an improv log cabin style block. She provided a set of solids, and asked us to put in a little bit of our own, that would go with her solids.
To tell the truth, this block slightly frightened me. Yes, I know you do not get much more straightforward than a log cabin, but I find they do not always behave for me. I think this one behaved quite nicely, thank you!

This is now packed up, ready to post, Just hasn't quite made it to the PO yet!

Not quite the same story with the Stash bee block!  We had been asked to do this monster!

Nataki wants blocks which are either colour graded, or same colour blocks. Blue green yellow was one of the preferred options, with Kona black as the background. This one took me about 5 1/2 hours to do. No, it was not difficult, just fiddly and time consuming.
The instructions include a template, to cut the 45 degree  sections. I am afraid I took a shortcut on that. I have a 45/ 90 creative grids rule, and I put the PDF template on my computer screen checked the inch square was an inch ( it wasn't, I had to shrink it a bit) and marked the alignment on my rule with a sharpie.  I was then able to just use my rules and cut to size without the template. It ends up 17 1/2 " square.

It is done now, and if I do not do another one, it will be soon enough!

Effective though, now it is done!

And again, a small garden update, my favourite flower, I think,

This lovely lady opened yesterday, and makes me smile whenever I look out to see her. 


Archie the wonder dog said...

I love your bee blocks and am glad you're getting dressed to go to FQR - I wonder if we all do our best sewing in our 'jamas?!

Isisjem said...

fab blocks! I love the iris one of my favourite flowers. They always look so stately like you must have worked really hard to get something to grown and look that good!

Janine said...

Great blocks - that octagon looks especially fab but I expect it's a nightmare to make! I've not noticed sewing clothes but I always sew without shoes :)

Second Chance Tan said...

Fab block for Lynz.... and wow your stash bee block this month was a bit of a humdinger!!! x

Nicky said...

No pyjama party then? Great work on the bee blocks Rachel

Sarah said...

Jammie sewing - the FQR team didn't think of that!

Great block for Lynz.

Catherine said...

Fabulous blocks, isn't Lynz's block fun

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