Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Fabric, to skirt ON, 2 hours!

I needed to make a skirt. Specifically, a circular skirt.
Now, I have made many circular skirts in my time, but I do not think I made one for me before.
So, I double checked all my calculations, and ran them past my OH, and he agreed, before I went for it!
I have had the fabric sitting waiting, for a couple of weeks. I got it at Abakhan, so it was not very expensive. However, when I got it, I knew I was planning to make a circular skirt, but I hadn't worked out just what quantity I would need. So I made a mad guess, and went for it.
If I had done the working out, I would have got about another 6", so, my skirt is slightly shorter than it would normally have been..

Oh, did you want to see my new skirt? on?

Oh, alright then, here goes

 Blame my OH for these two... I am just showing off a bit!
And he chopped off my hand!

Anyone going to the retreat, who wants to have a go, can just let me know!

It is surprisingly easy and quick, and very satisfying.

And this super card arrived this week, too! Thank you Caroline, That is such a pretty card! I guess you quite liked your tote, then!


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

hahaha brilliant!! Love the pictures!
Great skirt, I want to do one! tell me how please!

Caroline said...

You are very welcome and yes, yes I do! To tease yu about the size (which is perfect), I have a picture of my husband toting our 16 month old around inside that I have to post ;)

Second Chance Tan said...

Brilliant skirt and excellent photos! I found a pattern for a circle skirt at a car boot sale on Sunday..... so will be keeping my eye out for some fabric to give it a go x

Anonymous said...

So pretty. I've made just one circle skirt for my friend's daughter, oh and there was one on the prom dress, but I really want one for myself. Thank you for the lovely inspiration, Mama Fairy! :-)

Isisjem said...

Looks great and I think the length is perfect!

Rebeckah Austin said...

I want!

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