Saturday, 6 July 2013

Got it!

 Look what came into my house today!
A parcel from Germany?? I was not expecting parcels from Germany!

In fact, the only parcel I was really expecting, was my name tag. And this parcel was clearly not that, because it was far too big and bulky to be a name tag...
Out of my big and bulky parcel came....

this oddly wrapped package, and an unusual card!

You may notice, if you look carefully, there was a sticker on that envelope, which has the same design as the card- cool? Definitely!

so I unwrapped with ponderings ..........( small furry creatures, who come and investigate parcels..)

 She spelt my name right! how wonderful! Lots of people do not!

And she got that I like purple! And have a fondness for green! Isn't it cute? And check out that tape  flower!

Lovely job Francine!

And... turn over...
 It is a zippy pouch too!  I can keep all sorts of stuff in there! I cannot quite pack everything for the weekend in it, but that would be Mary Poppins, wouldn't it?

But there is room for some essentials, pennies for quilt market, Oyster card to be borrowed from my no 1 son, ( I only have one son, so he gets the job) and perhaps a dinky little note book that happened to also fall into her parcel to me...

or  .. you get the picture!

All wrapped up in some pretty green fabric.. 

And check out that lanyard too! so pretty!

Thank you Francine!


Catherine said...

What an amazing name tag

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Awesome parcel - and now I know which name badge to look for at retreat to say hello!!!

Sarah said...

Fab parcel and what a beautiful name tag!! Yay!

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