Saturday, 13 July 2013

Very green, or perhaps not..

Purple and lime green, that is what my Secret tote partner wanted- sorry, Caroline, I cannot send you this, but it made me think of you! you will have to ignore the slug evidence- I suppose they have to live too.. 
 This little lady is Teasing Georgia, She graces my back garden


Graham Thomas sells himself in the front!

Philadelphus Belle Etoile smells gorgeous.
And the smallest yellow courgettes in the world are just about big enough to eat now!

 and the first cucumber flowers are out!

and I have eaten my first home grown tomatoes!

A hanging basket tomato!

 Just to complete the picture, a new tree has appeared! This is Tanya's Hipbee request.

It is quite difficult to photograph this one, as it is so pale. I hope Tanya will like it.

And this is what I have managed for the Stash bee. A bit uninspired, but the request was, get all the ugly fabrics out and make these triangles. So, ugly I have very little of, but these feel, well, a bit ... dull?  I think I shall have to make some brighter ones to go with them!

Now, if you have made it all the way down here, here is a thought,

May, that fabraholic lady, runs a little Flickr club. She calls it Lazy Bums. Well, I would never come up with a name like that, would I?
So, the object of this club is, to take ten UFOs, and put them up on a list to be tackled. There are various ways we are going to be challenged to deal with these awkward clients. Perhaps one month we shall all try to complete UFO number 4, or, another month she will ask us to wipe out the oldest UFO on the list. One way or another, we are to be encouraged to attack these stored in boxes UFOs, and get them finished!

To find out more look at her post here, she explains so much better than I can!

So, why not join in? Just pop in to the Flickr group and ask if she will let you in. After all, if she let me in, I am sure she will be glad to welcome you!


Fabraholic said...

No, that Fabraholic lady cannot explain it better than you :-)
But we sure would be happy to welcome fun UFO hoarders!

Caroline said...

Gorgeous flowers, thanks for the pic! I can live vicariously through you ;)

Melissa said...

I love your purple flowers :) And those fabrics aren't ugly by any means, they are just a bit muted is all :)

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