Monday, 22 July 2013

Quick notes!

 What is the nicest compliment you have received recently?

I can tell you mine!

' You are just as mad in real life as you are on your blog!'

Well, I thought that was perfect!

 Did we have a good time? Yes, we did!
I was escorted by my lad, who came with me, to meet a fellow retreater, with whom I went to lunch!
Sorry about the blurry picture...
She was everything I had hoped, from previous correspondence, and we laughed, and chatted- well, I chatted, she laughed, and we had lunch. She had warned me, she is very quiet... and does not talk... so I was warned! but I think... she is a little more chatty than she may have led me to believe!  But a lovely person, just as mad as I am, in the loveliest way!

And so, we attended the retreat. Table tops, and workshops, and met new folk, and did different things, and just got on with this and that.

and my lad came to fetch me at the end, and we all went for a meal, and he escorted me back to his place for the night, afterward.

And brought me back into London the next day, with sewing machine.... which was immediately pressed into use!

But not by me!

In the afternoon, we made 'Portholes' Not 'gloryholes' , we were told- there seems to be some nuance there that I may be missing...

That evening, there was the sample swap.

My little group was lovely, and I received the wonderful zippy pouch, which has been pressed into immediate service, to take a little hand work on holiday tomorrow..
Porthole, the first
 I also received the gorgeous purse from Nicky, which I had been coveting! and a pretty, oh, so pretty, mug rug, from Gertie Pye! But it is white! how can I plonk a cup of tea on that?

I will have to think that one through!
Porthole, the second

Yes, I used variegated thread on this one. 
Porthole, the third!
 Then, the last day, precision piecing with Lynn!

Well, some of my seams meet where they are meant to,  but I consistently make my blocks 1/8" too big.. A small fault perhaps.. but..

At least I am consistent ( silly grin)

And my lad came to bring my machine back at the end. He is not a bad lad!

And she had the dies for cutting Drunkards path! so I borrowed her Sizzix, and cut my pieces, and then did two versions. One with pins, one without.

And there was not a pick between them. So, I shall continue to sew these with no pins, and cross my fingers and hope they work!Two of these illustrated are non pinned, and one pinned!

Guess the odd one out!  No prizes, because I do not know myself.

Now, I am off, and may be back in a weeks time- perhaps.. And I may tell you more- but then, you may be bored by all of it by then, so what I have omitted, may stay that way!


Gertie Pye said...

Thank you for my lovely tote bag - it went into immediate use (much roomier than the complimentary Liberty totes) and I have used it every day since! My "SEW" pouch replaced a battered old drawstring bag and has all my take-a-long sewing stuff in - facilitating some EPP on the sofa this evening. And Nicky's purse is gorgeous, need to keep that one away from my eagle-eyed eldest daughter.

Glad you enjoyed the Retreat and please use the mug rug - - if it gets stained I shall make you another tea-coloured one for next year's FQR!

Sarah said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend. It was lovely to meet you and I'm sorry that in the melee at the end we missed saying goodbye. Enjoy your holiday!

Fabraholic said...

The retreat was lovely, but even more so to finally see you and your son IRL :-)

Nicky said...

Yes I think you do live up to the blog persona or is that the wrong way around?

Glad you like your purse and love all my swap items received! Must tidy up and put them to use! Was wearing your tutu necklace today! Lucky me!

mumasu said...

Hi, it was so good to meet you at last. So glad you had a great time, I did too :)

Di said...

It was really good to meet in person and share a little EPP time together. Have a good holiday and come back refreshed. Di x

Diane-crewe said...

so glad you had a good time x

Caroline said...

I think you may be starting an anti-pin movement. . . ;)

Catherine said...

So great to meet you at last! Have a fabulous holiday

Isisjem said...

It was lovely to meet you at last. I find I can rarely use mug rugs just in case I mess them up. I have even been known to put a coaster on top for the cup! Have a lovely holiday. You'll need a break after all that activity at the Retreat!

Sarah said...

It was great to meet you in person!

Fabraholic said...

You know the nicest thing someone said to me? You make me leave my comfort zone :-)

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