Monday, 8 July 2013

 I was the very lucky recipient of this cute kindle cover, last week. My lovely daughter, who understands my love of purple, made this cover from strips and scraps of fabrics which we had.

The inside is also very pretty.

I have the best dressed kindle in town!
Have you given your kindle a name?
I got fed up with mine being referred to as Rachel's kindle, so mine has a name. Not a very imaginative name , but one all her own.

She is called 'Libraire'.

I wonder what names other people call theirs?

This was made from my design the tutorial was  published by Julie of the Intrepid Thread.  
 It incorporates a pocket to keep that all important lead for recharging!

This is a clue as to what I have been up to this week.

I was provided with the fabric, and the  net tutu base, and asked to produce a 'Sugar Plum Fairy'

She is nearly finished now, shoulder straps, and a further fitting are required, and then, she should be ready to appear on stage, next week!


cheeky monkey said...

gorgeous! I never thought about giving my kindle a name. better ask the kids as they occupy it.

C said...

My kindle is called Beatrice, after Shakespeare's bookish heroine from Much Ado About Nothing. She's in good company, with my computers Imogen and Montague, pen drives Viola and Valentine, and my mp3 player Sebastian, since all of my electronics are named after Shakespeare characters.

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