Friday, 10 May 2013

Am I stopping here?

 Ok so, I have made the 6th star block, and now have to make the decision. Am I stopping there? or do I need to make more blocks for this little quilt?

Twelve blocks here, stars and pinwheels etc.

If I just put them together like so, the finished quilt will be 36" by 48".
If I make four more blocks, two stars and two 'textures' it would be 48" by 48".
I could add sashing, giving me 40" by 54", perhaps putting squares at the corners?

And then perhaps a border? Do I have enough spare fabric for borders? Possibly with mini pinwheels or stars at corners, or middle of sides.
I think this is the hardest bit. Deciding how to finish.

I think I need to sash it. And I may also need to put on a border, Just to make it feel a sensible size. But I am not convinced I will want to stop if I make four more blocks- It could turn into an extra nine after that. And I definitely do not have enough fabric for that!  Oh, trouble!



Sarah said...

Perhaps being limited by the amount of fabric you have left will help you to stop at another four blocks? 48" square is quite a nice "wee" size and because your blocks are all varied in terms of backgrounds and border I think they would look quite nice without sashing. Just my thoughts. You will know what's right when you've mulled it over a little!

cheeky monkey said...

I would like to sash them to keep them a little more separated. the idea with the blocks in the corner is lovely. pinwheels? Gorgeous blocks

Diane-crewe said...

always another option to decide ! remember its your quilt and you have to do the work xx lovely colours and blocks by the way xx

Janine said...

These are looking great. I think you need to decide how big a quilt you want and then you can see about what to add.

Archie the wonder dog said...

You could always buy more fabric so you can make more blocks ;o)

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