Friday, 3 May 2013

Those pinwheels have got me!

Front of bag

 A present for someone you do not know terribly well? Ok, I thought a tote bag might work- if she hates it, I trust she will be polite enough not to tell me!

Yes, I have gone potty on these 3D pinwheels! Sorry!

A simpler approach to the back, purple linen and some straight line quilting.
block for Hipbee May

But this is what those 3 D pinwheels were really about! A block for Sarah at Sew Me.

instructions? Here are some red and cream pieces of fabric. And some Kona snow.
make me any block you like.

We liked this block- so it is already winging it's way to Sarah.

Such a lovely idea- here is the fabric, now go and make it beautiful!


moira said...

Rachel, I like your tote bag - that fabric is intriguing

Sarah said...

My instructions sound a bit mean laid bare like that, but I knew you ladies would do me proud. I love my pinwheel which arrived safely today - thanks! Some other lovelies have popped up on flickr too so I'm glad I left the beautifying of my fabric to you special Bees!

mammafairy said...

No! Anything but mean Sarah! Inspirational! Generous, and very trusting!


Diane-crewe said...

it looks wonderful... if she does not like it .... I DO!! xx lol x

Isisjem said...

I love both these pinwheels. So clever!

Di said...

Well you have definitely upped the game with Sarah's block. Yikes, I need to step up to the mark! It is a beautiful block. Di x

Catherine said...

The pinwheel is fabulous, great block

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Both of the pinwheels look great and so does the bag. The quilting on the back looks very effective!!!

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