Saturday, 4 May 2013

the origami flower

This block was a little more tricky, but I think a few blocks along, and I will get the hang of it. Actually- I may stick at only one origami flower, and make the others in a simpler fashion.

I will see what I feel like tomorrow.

In the garden today, purple noses of hostas poke up through the very dry soil, everything is very late this year, so they are rather behind their usual dates.

 and late narcissi are out in the front
 Species tulips should spread, with any luck

and I thought I had lost this little one, heuchera, marmalade, I think? hanging on in there!


Diane-crewe said...

looks as if you are getting the hang of that block xx lovely to see anything growing in the garden at the moment x fingers crossed they continue xx

Catherine said...

I saw my host as just poking through yesterday as well-hurray

Sarah said...

You are getting very adventUrous with your 3d blocks! Good for you trying out new skills!

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