Monday, 6 May 2013

'textures' again

I spent much of today in the garden. There are nettles which were taking undue prominence in my garden. And some herb Robert. I hate that herb Robert. It stinks.And there were dandelions.

There are still dandelions, and nettles. And some of that sort of willow herb variant, that is so shallow rooted, that you think it shouldn't be a problem. And is a problem. And I know there is still a bramble lurking amongst the ivy. But things do look a lot better.  And we got round to some pots yesterday- encouraged by DD2.
And now with thorns in my fingers, and well nettle stung, I have stopped for a bit!

And, in between, I have managed to sew a little.

 I admit it, I have a problem. I am definitely addicted.

These blocks are sooo simple. And sooo effective.

So, now there are four like this, with that jade green added in to prevent the whole thing becoming too sickly sweet.

Then this one, again a 'texture' block. Those points on the pinwheel are free, it is just sewn along the hypotenuse. They are ' prairie points', so there is no raw edge to fray.

 And the origami flower.

 I thought it would be best if there were some 'flat' blocks in between, so I chose a star block, and using a print which was supposed to tie all the blocks together, as the central piece, I have made, so far, five blocks.

I have one more to make, but I am now dithering. Should I make another with the large centre, and have four like that, or should I make another with the small centre?Most of these blocks have happened in the last two days. Just the first one last week, and the origami flower. How long to make the last one? any guesses?

and, am I then going to think, I shall just make a few more.... or sash it, or put a border on... or.. ?

You know, if I actually planned stuff, this would make life so much more simple! or did I mean boring?


Di said...

We sat in the garden but didn't work in it! You have whizzed up those blocks. I am intrigued as to how the 3D ones are made. Di x

Isisjem said...

Like Di said I'm intrigued by how the 3d one's are made too!

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