Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Belated, Sewmamasew, I was a winner!

I was lucky enough to win two giveaways in the
 great giveaway, but I was waiting until the second one arrived, to blog about both at the same time. First, I won some patterns that the lovely Germaine over at Yageol was kind enough to be passing on to be put into use. 
There are two magazines with traceable patterns, and two actual patterns here. I do not know why it is so difficult to get this type of magazine in UK. I think they are brilliant. And there are a really fabulous selection of patterns here. Oh, yes! they will get used!

Thank you Germaine!

And then I also won these rather fun charms. These came from Atia. There are very varied prints in this collection, with florals and scissors, leaves and butterflies, as well as some abstract prints. I think these should prove very useful, Thank you Atia!
 Now, a few shots from the garden, to keep my daughters up to date!
tree peony

Fruit cage to go on very soon! There is a redcurrant lurking!

and today's disaster? The iron decided to send out smoke signals... I smelt it first, and then saw the little plume of smoke arising... Ok , a new iron has had to be bought... I feel as though I buy new irons every 5 minutes! I know it is a few years really, but surely an iron should last longer than this! And you just cannot sew without an iron!  Can you?


cheeky monkey said...

you are really lucky! Great things arrived in your house.
Do not talk about irons with me! I am an iron killer so this is the third broken one in three years. So you can be happy yours lasted so long :D

Catherine said...

Great prizes. Your garden is looking lovely

Di said...

You have been on a winning streak recently. Nice flowers in your garden. Di x

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