Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pretty things!

 A little while ago, we had a mini competition, in Quilt around the world.
We were asked to find something that said 'spring'. It could be something we had made, but did not have to be, it could be a whole quilt, or just a block, so I found a quirky little block, on flickr, which depicted  a swing under a cherry tree.

(I have put the link in,as I do not think it would be right to borrow her image. You can see it on the link. )
This was made by FlossieBlossoms, and is lovely. There are a whole set of these, in subtly different shades, and the whole thing is just spring in a nutshell!

And my choice was the winner! Thank you Elizabeth, for this super prize! It arrived on Friday.  The twill tape matches the green and blue of the boho perfectly. And thank you to the innocent author of the block!   Amn't I the lucky one?

Strange things appear in strange places. This old bathing dress is a display item in a second hand furniture store. This is one of those odd quirky places straight out of some atmospheric novel. Rooms lead off rooms, you go up one staircase, and down a different one, along a corridor, being careful not to fall over random broken coal scuttles, and up another, broken, and rather dingy stair, and the, on the landing, a gorgeous Edwardian bathing dress greets you!
lovely cotton lace trim, a strong ticking type fabric, and matching underpinnings!
Sorry, the pictures were taken on my OH's mobile phone, and they are not brilliant, but I think you can sort of see the attached bloomers!

And yes, that is me, being wicked and taking a look at those underneaths- 'Down there!'

This is beautifully made- but I am happy not to have to wear that type of garment these days!

I had to have the photo, in case I am ever asked to make one!

 But today, I have managed some intrmittent sewing.

Four more blocks,  two stars, and two more 3D pinwheels.

 Now to do a bit more 'think about it'


Janine said...

Congrats on the win. That's such a sweet springtime block you chose. And the costume - amazing! Another winter like we've just had and I'd be tempted!

Catherine said...

What a great win, well done. Loving those 3d blocks

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