Friday, 6 April 2012

April Bee block

April seems to have crept up on me, March just disappeared, and was not my favourite month for a variety of reasons. Break in at work being only one of them.

So April, and a new block for the bee. This month Stephanie has asked for houses. She doesn't mind if they are paper pieced, or applique. The last house block I did was for Leila's skill builder, and was just omprovised, in a put it together as you go along sort of way. It was great to do and I sort of had a thought that I would do a lot more of them, and do a whole quilt top, because they are fun and friendly. Then my lovely friend moved house, and suddenly that first block was the centre of a quilt, and I did no more.

So this one. We are told to have sky and grass. Obvious answer is to divide 50/50 and split the block that way. But I do not feel like doing things that way. So a quick scribble later, and I have a plan. Sort of.

It is very dificult to find the right bits and pieces for the various aspects of the block, but in the end, I came to this. I hope Stephanie likes it.


LYNN HURST said...

I like your house block. I've been playing with my trying to figure out what to make. Nice job!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Wow such fun details!! It looks very pretty, like those cows on the hill :)

Diane-crewe said...

your little house looks great xx

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