Wednesday, 18 April 2012

work to be done

I am a little behind on my skill builder blocks, I have just done the tumbler block, but the apple core will have to wait a bit. First of all, PROOF! I can clear away the sewing, so that our dining table can be used. Feels most un-natural these days to be able to see the table, put a cloth on it, and use it for eating.

Why? having friends to stay for a few days, and we do not all squeeze well into the kitchen. At a pinch we can get six round the table in the kitchen, but eight is just too much. So a mismatch of chairs, and get out the 'good' cutlery, so there are enough knives and forks to go round, and we are away.

It was lovely to have my friend from school days and her crew to stay. They are setting up a website for me, which I hope, when it is done, you will all look at and make rude remarks, feedback is very helpful, though it has nothing to do with sewing.
My daughter and hers made eclairs for the first time- they are ahead of me, I have never done choux pastry- and they were amazing. The recipe said 'makes six to eight' They made twenty! Big ones too. Gorgeous.

The house is now back to normal and the machine is back in place, so the tumbler block happened.
I procrastinated like crazy on this one. In the end, I would have been better with a slightly bigger template, but what is done is done and that is that.
Selecting fabrics was not easy. I am still using the same collection, but getting enough big enough bits, without cutting into the really useful sizes was difficult. I am mean with my fabric, a bit like money- if it is in a note, I do not want to break it, as I feel it then vanishes? The coins disappear so fast, but if there is a tenner there, it has potential. Silly, but I have been like that since small.
So, cut pieces for the tumbler, and arrange them, sew together pairs and check that I am happy.

Oh dear, Despite significant care being taken, not all of them align correctly. Hmm.

So that standby, seam-ripper was manipulated, a few times, to get a better result. I could swear I lined them all up the same before sewing, so why do they come out diffferent? Gremlins in the works. Only answer.

See? some of them work straight off. Actually I think I only had to redo about four of them. Four too many, but only four.

Slight trimming, and sew the rows together, and the block is done. I have not yet sliced the edges to size, but I am pleased with the finish. Yes, I know not all the seams quite match exactly, but please don't look that close.

So why is apple core taking a back seat?

I have other fish to fry! It is back to costume making again, I have some swans to dress, and some waltzing flowers, and a few characters to put skirts onto. Originally I was told 16 swans, but that has now turned into 11, which feels a lot more manageable. The added complication, I am making tutu bodices, which have to swap to go from swans to flowers. I will have to ensure they are secure and 'anchored down' but can be removed and changed easily. I am sure we will come up with something.

Exciting! We went fabric shopping on Sunday and I think it will be amazing! Watch this space.


Nicky said...

Costume maker as well? Wow! Go Rachel!

Diane-crewe said...

having friends to stay is always fun... glad it worked out xx SWAN costumes? Gotta see them! The apple cores just need some "nibbling" lol xx

Pieces to Love said...

I love your tumblers and the eclairs look delish!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Swans??! That's sounds hard!!
I think I have those same gremlins ;)

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