Wednesday, 18 April 2012

What Again? Applecore block.

Ok, so I do not post for a week and then twice on one day. Sorry. Today is my day off, and I have spent a good bit of it sewing. Hurrah!

First thing this morning- after I made bread, and got that cooked, I went off to some warehouses I know, and bought a roll, yes, 29 metres, of white polycotton. Not for me, but for someone else. So I will be reimbursed. Also, at the other warehouse, thread, and 60yds broderie anglaise trim,  and some bias binding and a covered button tool for my daughter. I just think at the price it came out, it was silly not to.
The fabric warehouse was something else! They have net, and polycotton, and sequin fabric, and holographic fabric, fur, jersey, prints, oh almost everything. The prices are really good, but minimum cut is 25m. So not really for your average home sewer. And I could not justify buying anything other than the white poly. Maybe net another time, but for now that was all.

So home again, and I was able to sort out the sizing samples of tutu bodices, so I have a large and a medium, not in good fabric, but to try on as a guide for doing the real thing. Makes sense to me.

I used a tip I found on t'internet, and cut patterns out of freezer paper, ironed onto the fabric, and cut out from that. Saves on pinning and unpinning. Amazing how much quicker it is. and they are reusable. So win-win there.

Having done that, I was then at the point where I could do a little something for me, so I did the apple-core block, which is the latest in the skill builder. Leila pins everything to hold it all, but I followed Lucy's tip and just sewed it. This is so much easier than all those pins, and quicker, and, it works.

Now, you do know I am lazy, don't you? well, having printed the template, I layered my fabrics, in threes, and drew round the template on the top piece, pinned the three together within the apple-core, and cut out three at a time. We only needed nine cores, so that was three lots of cutting, and then play with layout. 
So, having decided this, the cores are sewn in three rows, that is the easy bit. Line up the lead edge of the convex of one and the concave of the other, under the presser foot, needle down and away you go. Pin free, easy.

Believe me now?

It is much easier to do this with the convex curve underneath and the concave one on top. So that is done. Now the three rows have to go together. Not so easy. Starting at one end and sewing across all three is a bit tricky. On the bottom row I decided to sew the middle cores first, and then do the outer ones. It sort of made sense to me.
And guess who forgot to take a photo at that point?  Who, me? Hmm.

Then the lot had to be starched within an inch of it's life, trimmed to 10.5", and borders applied. I had some fresh green left from a stash bee block, so that went on. Pretty, I think.  And here is the finish, so, all in all a busy and productive day.

Ok, so whats for tea? I am starving!

And I have linked up with Freshly pieced, Lee is hosting.


Needle little Balance said...

Your block looks great! Funnily I just learned to sew curves without pins this week but with the concave piece underneath and the convex on top. :-)

Janine said...

I love your apple core block and thanks for showing how you put it together. It looks more possible to make than I expected :)

Diane-crewe said...

looking good xx

The Thompsons said...

I don't like using a bunch of pins either, so I may have to try it your way, It looks good.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Wonderful! They look perfect, who needs pins??! ;)

c.w.frosting said...

Fun shapes! You are very talented... do you think I could glue a quilt like this together? jk!

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

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