Saturday, 28 April 2012

Catch up

I have had a busy week. It has had its high points and its low points. And the funnies - peculiar or ha-ha? a bit of both I suppose.

You know you have those times when the mechanical world rises up against you? Well, it has been a bit like that, in a way. Though not necessarily all mechanical. I suppose it started about 10 days ago, when having got over the washing machine doing a dastardly on us, the shower thought it needed some notice and attention, and wouldn't heat properly. Oh you could get water. And you could get some heat. Only if the water was down to a dribble, and fairly luke warm at that. Not nice. So, having looked at the problem, DH decided, simplest thing, replace shower. At vast expense, when we are trying to frugal. (Did you know frugal was a verb? It is now. )
Well, DD1 came home from Uni for a couple of days, so there are now four of us again in the house, so isn't this the ideal time to remove shower, and look at putting the new one in its place? Of course it is. Except that when you look at new shower, you find old shower box was bigger. So if you just replace the shower you see the rawl plugs peeping out over the top.

So, ok think again. The ideal solution is to just neatly remove the two tiles affected and put new tiles in their place. We always keep a few spare, so dig them out and.... BUT where did they get put? Or were there any left? They are a comon design so we have a few in another place, let us just get them. Different size. These ones are too small. Well, how about the similar ones from the kitchen. These are too big.

Three bears coming to mind? So, do you put in the too small tiles, and cut some and put part tiles in, or do you cut the too big ones, as at least then you only have two tiles for two tile spaces? No, easy answer, look for replacements on the internet. Except that the tiles we want are not a standard size, and are unavailable. Humph.
So spare tiles, not in kitchen, not in garage, not in bathroom, hang on, under the units in the bathroom? A whole box of spares. Saved, phew.

So the next day the tiles can go on. The day after that they can be grouted. And after that they can be drilled to allow the shower to be fitted. So some time next month, perhaps we will have the shower back in use.

And then, on Saturday (last week) we had a break in at work. Not too much stuff taken, but a lot of hassle, as 5.00 am is an unfriendly hour to be going to work, but DH did, and waited around until the premises were secured again. The alarm people had to come and repair the alarm again, and the door jambs have these entertaining strips of metal reinforcement screwed onto them now, six new bolts on the back door, and a couple of foot of brick on the yard wall add to the prison ambience of the place, but, let us not encourage a return visit.

And then the good stuff!

I have spent the last week, in my free time, making skirts. They are a copy of skirts already owned , but in a contrast fabric, which shouldn't crease. It is really curtaining, but makes a fine skirt for a costume.

 This is my start calculation, and I then draw the cutting lines onto wrong side of fabric, and cut and sew.
Broderie anglaise trim, and an elasticated waist- buttonhole elastic helps- and the skirts are ready to use.

Two each of two different lengths, and two more at yet other lengths, so I trust they will fit the children. These are nearly, but not quite, circular, and drape and hang nicely. The odd one at the end is the sample I was given to work from.

Waistcoats in red to follow.

Today I arrived home from work to find a squidgy parcel awaiting me. Squidgy can only be good! 
But I think that can wait for tomorrow, as it deserves a little care of it's own.


Erin @ Billy Button Design said...

I think it's called the snow ball effect. I well know what it is like to not have a shower. Hope it is back soon!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

what a lot of drama!! Love the outfits, you are so fast!

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