Sunday, 29 April 2012

Parcels and Presents

Yes, I got a squidgy yesterday. And what a wonderful squidgy it was.

Debbe from pieces to love offered a pay it forward last year, and I signed up for it. Yesterday I received an offering through the post. And what a lovely parcel to receive. She has put in an amzing mini quilt, wall hanging sort of thing, which is stunning. It is simple and understated, combining fabrics which are a mix of two different prints in shades of red and black and a soft caramel colour. This is subtle squares set on corner, and bound in black. She has then gone pretty potty on the back with a delightful gingham print covered with flowers. And a cute label to go!
I suppose I had better show you!


extracted contents

and unwrap

to reveal...
Not just a quilted gift then, but look at the extras too, sweeties I may have to share them with my daughter- things taste better that way.

look at the careful layout, and all those perfect points.

pretty delft FQs

does she know about my reading habit?

and this certainly brightened my day!
Now who has been a very lucky one?

Thank you so much, Debbe. I love my parcel.

Now, I did volunteer to pay it forward myself, but only one real 'taker' , though several people who are too busy to play along. If two more would like to volunteer, I am still up for it- I promise, it is fun to get that mystery packet through the post!
If you are interested, let me know.

My lovely dance teacher for whom I am making costumes, gave me a cute and appropriate gift last week. 'Only a little' she said. Well, it is only little, but how well chosen!

my favourite colour is purple- closely followed by almost  all the others!
inches and metric- sanity exists

I generally had a tape measure in my bag anyway, but this is so much more sensible, it will stay done up, and not unwind itself unsuitably all over the other contents of my bag, and I am very pleased with her choice. All the better for being unexpected.

And DD2 also gave me something fantastic lately. I had to pay for it, (1p) but it is a great 'yoke' as my haunt would say.
snips with holder, on lanyard


This goes round my neck when I start, and takes off those bitty bits of thread which drive you potty else. No more raking around for where I left the scissors- and I generally have several pairs lurking while I sew, because I put them down in all the wrong places. They are wonderfully sharp too, and safely fastened in their holder, so they do not attack me!

Goodness me, this is turning into a marathon.

However, I went to a craft and sewing exhibition on Saturday afternoon. DD2 and a friend came too, I was working in the morning, so we only had a couple of hours there. There were workshops and 'taster' sessions, had we had more time, but we had a lovely time amongst the stalls and exhibition pieces. Downham Abbey costumes, quilts of several different styles, lace all exhibited.
And of course you cannot go and buy nothing, can you?
I think I got away light. I bought some of that soluble stuff for embroidering over, that I was keen to try, and some film to produce a mouldable result too, which should be fun to try. Some spotty FQs from John Louden, and vibrant wellies which I coveted since seeing them used in the mouthy stitches group. A piece of plain white, just because it is so useful, and a metre of a print just because I love it. Not too bad, eh?

Also a ribbon technique, I must practise, producing a braided looking result, very simple but pretty.

I still have to work out what length I need to start with, to get the length I wish to end with, but I am sure this will come in useful somewhere.

If you have made it to the end of this you deserve a medal!


JoZart said...

Ooh, lovely post with lots of goodies. You are one lucky lady!
Love joZarty x

Cayt said...

Oooh, care to share what that ribbon technique is? Maybe do a tutorial?

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Great goodies! Those snippers are brilliant!

Pieces to Love said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your gifts. It looks like you made out like a bandit over the weekend.

Lynn @ K&S Design Girls said...


I was stopping by to pass on the Liebster Blog Award to you. It is an award for bloggers with less than 200 followers and is meant to create awareness and give recognition to new and deserving blogs. Check out my blog to learn more about the award.


Jodi B. said...

I enjoyed the post and seeing all of your goodies. Love the little scissors. Have a great day!

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