Saturday, 21 April 2012

the next skill builder.

I just do not think the spirit of co-operation is present in this ruler!
Before I get properly started, let me just point you across to visit Sunni. She is doing a giveaway, more of those lovely Colonial needle goodies. Go see her, please. You can read my stuff too, if you like!

So the latest block in the skill builder has been posted. Equilateral triangles. 60 degree (Why do I not have a teeny tiny circle thingy to indicate degrees? ) triangles. Not a problem, as there is a 60 degree line on my ruler. Ok, and just how is that helpful? I have put my bit of card down, and laid the ruler on top, lined up on 60 degrees. And just where do I cut??

no, this will not give a long enough edge, just not getting the triangle thing here

Ok I gave in, I used the markings on my cutting board, instead of the ones on the ruler! Much simpler.

And so I got my triangle.
Now, this is the clever bit. I am only using this as an angle template, not a size template. I can see all sorts of other applications for this one, can't you? So it will be taped onto my ruler on a temporary basis, and the rest of the cutting should be simplified, by having a good solid edge at the correct angle! There is even a trick to getting it taped on correctly. Put the tape on near the apex, and stand the ruler on edge while attaching, so the bottom edge of the triangle, and the edge of the ruler are on the table. After getting it a hair out several times...

And then cutting.
I have to say, this was probably the most tedious cutting I have yet done. Each triangle had to cut individually, from a strip the right depth, 3.75". It might have helped if I had a shorter rule, as the length of the rule made it quite unwieldy. Note to self, use the sqaure rule another time, as it will rotate round more easily!

I now have a pile of triangles, and so to sew...

Supper first. More later- perhaps!

But DD1 is coming tonight, so I may not get the chance to sew them together till tomorrow.

Bye for now.

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JoZart said...

Have fun at Aintree... lots more to see than I showed as I took sooooo many pics! Some good fabric stands too... Bombay Warehouse there , Abakhan, and I loved Fabrics Galore from London.
Lv JoZarty x

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