Friday, 20 April 2012


Blogger has changed my stuff! They say it will be better and easier, but I had got used to it the way it was. I don't mind change, but I like to change things the way I want to, not have it imposed from above, as it were. I shall just have to get used to it I suppose.

I have been working, so no sewing to show, but in my reading around, it would seem there are some very generous giveaways happening. Now, some of you out there are very lucky on these things, and others not so lucky, but whichever you are, go over to Kiki because she is giving away an amazing collection of stuff. Thread, books, rulers- everything except the fabric, and the time to use this booty!Just go and see!
Melissa at bittersweet designs is also doing one, with lovely gizmos, Prizes to be won at Rhonda's quilter in the gap, look amazing- but I don't think I qualify-another giveaway from sewhappygeek, and Intrepid thread has a link to a giveaway, as it is Friday

So many giveaways, such generosity around. I hope someone I know will win something, as that is the happiest thing to see. It is vicarious fun!
Sorry for the lack of sewing- maybe over the weekend?

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Second Chance Tan said...

Thanks for the giveaway tips, I just entered a few - so fingers crossed, I like you haven't managed much sewing lately, and don't feel I can blog much unless I have some sewing to show for it! happy weekend x

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