Monday, 7 May 2012

12 in one day? Too many.

Symmetrical, this is how to do it!

This... is how NOT to do it
Ok, I have had a day of it. Sewing bodices,that is. Started first thing this morning, and have cut out and sewn, six bodices, size A. Four bodices size A plus a little bit, and two bodices size B. These are sewn in batches. Have to be really, with having so many to do. So the first six went a dream, before lunch. Now ready for fitting. Next four, after lunch, fine, ready and waiting. Then the two bigger ones. I stitch, side fronts to front. Side back to centre back, twice. Then side backs to side fronts.

 Ok, so how and why did I sew a centre back onto a side front? and then sew the side backs together. Producing the most lopsided bodice ever. Oh well, Mr Seam Ripper had been feeling all left out and neglected... No longer.

Yes, in this photo, that is the centre front at the extreme Right.

There can only be one guilty party, and that is me. Maybe it is time to stop for the night!

More on Wednesday, perhaps.


Nicky said...

Way too many! Have a rest, put your feet up and begin again tomorrow!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

I agree!! Too many. breath and relax!!
Congratulations on getting so many right though :)

Diane-crewe said...

as you know I SOO know what you are going through!! The worst of it is it makes ABSOLUTE sense when you are sewing... and sometimes after as well!! lol x

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