Saturday, 5 May 2012


I had gone out to get stretch interfacing, of the iron on variety.

So lets go back a step. On Wednesday, DD2 came in,
'Mum, I need you to perform a miracle. Or a reality check. One or the other. Please?'

She had bought this gorgeous T-shirting, pale grey with a tiny white polka dot. And now she wants a dress. Sweetheart neckline, puff tops to the sleeves, and then a straight sleeve below that. High waist, and inverted pleats for the skirt, stitched and then left to flow. By Friday?

Well, I tried. I did not succeed, but we gave it a go. Having assembled it, I realised, as I had suspected, the sweetheart neckline needed interfacing. Interfacing I have. Not, however the knit stuff. So, reluctantly, we have had to delay the project. When it is realistically wearable, I will get photos.

So whats with that photo?

Whilst out and failing to buy knit interfacing, I spotted that fabric. I cannot think of any suitable use for it, but could you have left it behind? Well, yes, I suspect you could, but it was so cheerful, I really had to get it, 'cos sometime it will come in! Honest! And it was less than £5.00 a metre, and it is fun, and, if not got at the time, you can guarantee you would never see it again.

Last week I did get to the equilateral triangle block, and was pleased with how it went together.

This week it is Y seams. I shall get to it, but I am on waistcoat number 5, and will have one more to do, first.

And May's hive 2 block is delayed as I am not yet in possession of the right colour to start. I have been promised it will be available next week, from Simply Solids, and if all else fails our lovely Queen Bee has offered to send some, but she cannot supply all materials, and that feels like a slippery slope, so I plan to make a purchase of the coal, and black fabrics  ( black for June block) as soon as they are both in stock. Panic in case they are not in in time....

I hate to say it- but that purple teapot fabric may end up fugly... Not yet though, as at present I am trying to mentally turn it into a tea cosy, or oven gloves, or,... any suggestions?

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Nicky said...

Haha! I often come back from a fabric shop with more than I meant to - sometimes it works out well and sometimes it does not - time will tell!

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