Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Getting there..

Took costumes back last night, and I think we are winning, the details on the flower bodices have been agreed, so I was cutting petals last night. Five petals per bodice, eight bodice-worths cut, overlocked and hemmed, between 8.30 and midnight. Six more lots to go, and then attach. Then shoulder straps, and they will be more or less done.
Swans need trimming and then slitting to give a feathered effect, and some more hooks and eyes applying, the bodices gape slightly where the gap is. I got more tape on Sunday so I can do that today.
Breakfast and then SEW.

What do the trimmings from overlocking thirteen bodices for swans look like?

A bin full!

On another note, my first rose is out!
Graham Thomas. Thus far, this year, holding his head up , usually he has drooped, but looks like he may now feel able to sit up, rain permitting!
Five years I have had these roses in, and either they droop, or the rain turns the flowers into soggy balls of nothing. Perhaps, this year... Don't count on it...

And camellia?  A birthday gift some years ago, from my children, flowers a little later than a lot of them, glorious in it's dark foliage and those pure flowers. 

And lurking in a hidden corner, this pretty rhodedendron, I hadn't even noticed her come into bloom. I like secrets in my garden.
And my guilty clematis, Bought a year or two ago. Cheap, from the supermarket. It is the cheapest clematis in the garden, and the best doer. Rampaged up the trellis, flowers like there is no tomorrow, but bought against my better judgement, as I do not like the buying tactics employed by the 'big boys'. Such a joy to have though.


Diane-crewe said...

I am so in awe of the work you are managing... love your garden, isnt it fun to "find" that a plant has flowered while your back was turned? xx

Cayt said...

I remember going to the garden centre with Dad to buy that Camellia for you. Love to see how well the garden is doing - how are the veggies?

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