Sunday, 6 May 2012

Delft look

The latest challenge from Leila is Y-seams. these are a little tricky, but beautifully explained, by Leila and also by Faith, and they do work, especially if you follow the instructions. And do not confuse yourself by thinking you sewed the wrong seam, 'cos you needed to turn the piece round to get it the right way up... Yes, it was fine, I didn't have to get the stitch ripper out, though it took a minute to realise what I was doing (err, yes well, shrug).

I looked at the design, and just thought, blue and white would look fantastic. So, here she is.

I am now tempted to make the identical block, but reverse the fabrics? And then I would have to make a few more, and set them on the diagonal, and a quilt feels like it is coming. Just don't hold your breath, as I have so much else on, first.

Six red waistcoats await fitting, the blue one at the back was the sample I was copying. They need buttons and may need darts to pull them in.

On to bodices now! Hurrah.

And the tree peony has flowered, at last. Just the one flower, but who knows, next year?

It has only taken 5 or 6 years to get around to it. Worth waiting for? I am not sure. Maybe a few more flowers next year will help.

And a plant I thought I had killed is also flowering.
I had not intended to kill it, but thought it was gone. Then up it came again.

Do not ask me what it is called, I really do not know.It was given to me by a colleague, purple, arum lily shape, elegant. Nameless. Anyone who recognises and can name this creature, please enlighten me.


Nicky said...

I'd say it is an arum lily but no idea which one! Tree peonies are always worth the wait - they are beautiful in flower and the leaves look great too!

Wow - the costumes marathon isn't over yet - surprised you have time for blocks!

Diane-crewe said...

your block would look wonderful with positive and negative...AFTER all the costumes are finished xx lol x the garden looks wonderful x

Pam said...

Love the blue and white block, both the design and the colours.

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