Saturday, 19 May 2012

photo tales

No time for this really, but, inspired by Lucy, I made this for myself. It is a really useful size, I have never had a pincushion as such before, popping stray pins into the tray under the free arm of the machine, or scattering them liberally across the table, or, sometimes, back intheir box. However, this with its handy pot for dropping scissors, cutters, whatever, is just great. why did I not have one before?

Well, Lucy hadn't shown me where to find the tutorial of course! And I couldn't justify making this just now, as I am struggling to get these swans done in time, but it is hand sewing, so I can do it while down timing with the idiot box, so it happened over a couple of days. And is so useful! And very simple to make, with Penny's tute.


Laid out ready to assemble

I have been factory sewing three sets of back bodice, three sets of side backs, all overlocked now, ready for seams, but I need to cut the side fronts, and the fronts, now . I have finished- bar a few attachment details - five,  three are part done six not started. Shopping for hook and eye tape tomorrow, and hopefully I will get most of them finished ready to fit, tomorrow. But just now I am zonked, so time to stop.

in order, ready for the machine

DD2 has been angelic today, sorting out laundry, dishwasher, FOOD, and gardening, as I haven't time to do it!

 putting the wigwam together for the peas,

 Rescuing last years fuschias

 Some of our haul from last weekend

  Some bought at the show, others acquired from my generous friend's garden.
Veg grown from seed

And the promise of goodness to come, that funny fuzzy 'bean' is a damson! And it has friends! So I am hopeful. Not confident, but definitely hopeful!


Cayt said...

Hey, looking good! I love that hexie pincushion.

Wendy said...

Your pincushion looks great! I have seen this pattern before, but it looks so difficult.

Penny said...

Glad you enjoyed making my Hexie Caddy Pincushion. I’ve added your creation to
My Hexie Caddy Parade

Janine said...

I love your pincushion - it's so pretty in those fabrics :)

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