Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Now I am back to 'normal', this is what my table looks like,

see, Nicky, my mouthy pouch is being used! couldn't live without it, in fact.
Anyway, all that chaos needs tidying so I can start the next lot of chaos.

I finished the little caddy to give to the dance teacher, and discussed all sorts of variations that could be made, how about an octagonal one? and a square bottom one? how about the sides being made proper hexies, just with longer sides than top and bottom? all sorts of inspirations going on there.

And the garden keeps producing new treasures. I have a flower on my tomato!
and another of my Spring garden show iris has bloomed. Did I say I was in love with irises?
isn't she wonderful?    I also have some yellow flags out in the garden,and, apart from the weeds, it is very satisfying. Now on with the other bits I am due to do. My day off today, so I should get stuff done!


Janine said...

Lovely pin cushion and your garden is coming on well. My tomato plants are still tiny!

Diane-crewe said...

so glad "normal" is on the horizon!!! xx

Cayt said...

Mm, yes, I like that scissor fabric, too.

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